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...the first small beginnings... - GodSlash - Slashfic that's Holier Than Thou

Oct. 27th, 2005

01:42 pm - ...the first small beginnings...

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Sample quotes... Gathered from early enthusiasts...


Jesus reached down between Paul's glistning thighs. Beads of sweat clung to the thick dark hair on the Messiah's arms, refracting the dim lamplight of the tent and wreathing him in a soft difuse glow, a glow that spoke of the heavenly pleasures of the impending holy handjob.

as well as

The Buddah leaned back against the trunk of a large tree as Jesus' mouth slowly slid down the length of Buddah's most Enlightened Rod.

"Why are you stopping?" Buddah asked, the light breeze of the afternoon cooling his cock most uncomfortably.

"I'm savoring it." Said Jesus "You know what they say right? After you eat Chinese, you're hungry again an hour latter."

(Yeah... He knows Buddah wasn't originally Chinese... But it makes the story better.)

"Slowly, slowly" Buddha said softly, down on his hands and knees, his face to the soft green grass as Jesus ran his tongue in tight circles over the Enlightened One's asshole...